Friday, January 29, 2010

A Musical Interlude

If you've read through my story, you probably already have a good idea of why adult adoptees like myself search for their birth families--unanswered questions, medical history, mysteries of identity & heritage & a million stories we are always asked to tell because they are  written on our faces.  I've never heard that need to search and the frustrations with the challenges we face(unnecessarily, in my humble opinion) ever so clearly conveyed as in this amazing collaboration between Zara H Phillips and DMC (yes, of Run-DMC fame!).

Many thanks to the Adoption Mosaic blogger Tara who first posted this; I can't help but think it will clarify some remaining questions for readers & hopefully, personalize the agony of the unknown for those skeptics who are lucky enough to be able to take their own original identities for granted.

Even The Simplest Things Can't Be Easy

Boarding the plane in Houston to head to NY for both my momentous first meeting with my birth mother & my cousin's wedding, I still felt remarkably calm.  I was understandably excited but I had managed to build enough time into the travel schedule to feel relaxed.  We were to fly to Newark and then head to Albany (a very quick flight) from there.  We'd arrive on Thursday night early, settle in, have some dinner, get to bed early and meet L the following morning, leaving the whole day open for whatever we decided to do.  Saturday we'd lunch with my brother, Kristin, and my parents & then head to the wedding shortly thereafter.  Travel Day weather was bright & sunny, not a cloud on the horizon, nothing to mess up the schedule.