Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Letting Things Ride

One of the recurrent realities of my search for my birth family has been that the need, that desire that drives my actions, has been one that ebbs and flows throughout the years. Sometimes I was consumed by the search, could think of nothing else, worked furiously on the internet, in chat rooms, in adoption search groups and read, read, read about other people's successes and failures. At other times, the search took a back seat to the rest of my life, to the immediacies of work, life, friends, family, and other passions.

Apparently, the need to blog about my story has ebbs and flows as well. When last I posted, I was about to detail the relationship that I built with my birthmother since I found her, what happened in the search for my birthfather, how the search impacted my relationship with my parents, and the question that everyone asks: did I finally meet any of these people in person?

Life is a constantly evolving adventure for me with new revelations and new experiences around every corner. I hope you're ready to hear more because I'm back in the writer's chair with lots more excitement to share!

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